!! METALLICA Rocks !!

 Metallica’s expected new album ‘Death Magnetic’ was relased on September 10,2008.It’s the ninth album of Metallica.It seems like a failure to some Metallica fans,but others enjoy the new album.In my opinion it’s not the best album they have ever made,but its definitely smashing.It’s different from previous albums of Metallica.You can see different points of views in this album,it broadens one’s mind.This new album is also a good challenge to the ones who think Metallica is not productive any more.The first video clip is recorded for the song called ‘The Day That Never Comes’.In this video clip America’s brutal attidutes towards Middle East is critisized. All in all,I love Metallica’s latest album and i hope every Metallica fan will feel the same.

Here is the song list:

1-That Was Just Your Life

2-The End of The Line

3-Broken,Beat & Scarred

4-The Day That Never Comes

5-All Nightmare Long


7-The Unforgiven III

8-The Judas Kiss

9-Suicide & Redemption

10-My Apocalypse



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