Pet Care

 Having a pet is a good thing but with it comes responsibilities.If you want to keep a cat as a pet, first know if you want a long or short haired animal in your home.Some people are allergic to long hair or may not have the time to clean the shed hair off the furniture.Correct food must be given to your pet with plenty of fresh water at all times.Training your pet from an early age is an another important point.Make sure that you use kindness and rewards for good behaviour, rather than scolding the cat when it does wrong.Provide your cat/kitten with a sleeping basket.You should check blankets for fleas regularly.Spend quality time with your pet to avoid it getting bored. Kittens usually find things to do but older cats need toys.A good item to buy is a ‘Scratching Post’. This is good for the cat as it stops them from destroying the furniture.Finally, your pet is not a toy so treat it with respect and love at all times.



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