I am sitting beside a black cat,having just passed under a leaning ladder.Since i cracked my miror today,I think I’ll write on superstitions. People will go to great lengths to avoid walking under ladders. Many origins for the superstition have been surfaced over the years.One provides a source in medieval times. A leaning ladder was thought to resemble the gallows and so by walking underneath a ladder, you are playing out your own execution.Mirrors were thought to reveal a soul (vampires were believed to be soulless, and therefore could not cast a reflection) .Therefore,it was believed that by cracking a mirror, you would damage our own soul and thus 7 years bad luck.For centuries man has held superstitions with great regard.Most of these superstitions were handed down from generation to generation.Many people believe the dangers of sleeping in full moonlight may result in your face being twisted out of shape.It is also believed that during the full moon period, some people’s behaviour changes, This may manifest itself in violent or depressed actions.This was attributed to the Moon’s effect on liquids of this planet. The tides, movements of water masses and finally the liquid content in our brain.None of this has actually been proven but still people like to hold fast to these folk tales and urban myths of generations.


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