!! METALLICA Rocks !!

 Metallica’s expected new album ‘Death Magnetic’ was relased on September 10,2008.It’s the ninth album of Metallica.It seems like a failure to some Metallica fans,but others enjoy the new album.In my opinion it’s not the best album they have ever made,but its definitely smashing.It’s different from previous albums of Metallica.You can see different points of views in this album,it broadens one’s mind.This new album is also a good challenge to the ones who think Metallica is not productive any more.The first video clip is recorded for the song called ‘The Day That Never Comes’.In this video clip America’s brutal attidutes towards Middle East is critisized. All in all,I love Metallica’s latest album and i hope every Metallica fan will feel the same.

Here is the song list:

1-That Was Just Your Life

2-The End of The Line

3-Broken,Beat & Scarred

4-The Day That Never Comes

5-All Nightmare Long


7-The Unforgiven III

8-The Judas Kiss

9-Suicide & Redemption

10-My Apocalypse




 I am sitting beside a black cat,having just passed under a leaning ladder.Since i cracked my miror today,I think I’ll write on superstitions. People will go to great lengths to avoid walking under ladders. Many origins for the superstition have been surfaced over the years.One provides a source in medieval times. A leaning ladder was thought to resemble the gallows and so by walking underneath a ladder, you are playing out your own execution.Mirrors were thought to reveal a soul (vampires were believed to be soulless, and therefore could not cast a reflection) .Therefore,it was believed that by cracking a mirror, you would damage our own soul and thus 7 years bad luck.For centuries man has held superstitions with great regard.Most of these superstitions were handed down from generation to generation.Many people believe the dangers of sleeping in full moonlight may result in your face being twisted out of shape.It is also believed that during the full moon period, some people’s behaviour changes, This may manifest itself in violent or depressed actions.This was attributed to the Moon’s effect on liquids of this planet. The tides, movements of water masses and finally the liquid content in our brain.None of this has actually been proven but still people like to hold fast to these folk tales and urban myths of generations.

Pet Care

 Having a pet is a good thing but with it comes responsibilities.If you want to keep a cat as a pet, first know if you want a long or short haired animal in your home.Some people are allergic to long hair or may not have the time to clean the shed hair off the furniture.Correct food must be given to your pet with plenty of fresh water at all times.Training your pet from an early age is an another important point.Make sure that you use kindness and rewards for good behaviour, rather than scolding the cat when it does wrong.Provide your cat/kitten with a sleeping basket.You should check blankets for fleas regularly.Spend quality time with your pet to avoid it getting bored. Kittens usually find things to do but older cats need toys.A good item to buy is a ‘Scratching Post’. This is good for the cat as it stops them from destroying the furniture.Finally, your pet is not a toy so treat it with respect and love at all times.


New Environment

 Leaving home for the first time is always a momentious occasion.The adjustment to the new enviroment is not as easy as it sounds.One has to adjust to comfortable and sometimes not so comfortable dwelling.New acquaintances with different views and habits than your own have to be adjusted to.One of the most common things missed most in a new surroundings is ‘ Home Cooking’.The best way to cope with new environment is to think positive.Making your surroundings express yourself as much as possible and using posters of favourite bands will also help you to cope with new environment.


 Most of us are curious about different places other than our own country.We always dream about visiting other countries.As everybody does,i too have a special country that i want to visit one day.It’s Australia.I want to go there,because it has really fantastic places to visit,such as Sydney Opera House,and Darling Harbour..And its unique and clean beaches which are available for water sports attract me..It’s multi-cultural country.People who belongs to different cultures live there peacefully.There is even a Muslim area in Australia,it’s called as Bankstown.Its most beautiful city is Sydney,i think.Sydney is the center of art.I hope I’ll get a chance to go there,because it’s really amazing country.

Street Art

 Street art is the art which developed in public places.It can include graffiti,sticker art,street posters.The ways and objectives that street artists use varies.Every street artist has his own style.Street artists may use their art to reach the local people,to get public attention,and their themes may include social messages.While some artist see the puclic place as a suitable area for their artwork,others may take risks by making illegal artwork in public places.In General artists prefer street art,because it allows them to reach much more people than norm

al art galleries may allow.